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Ditto band
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The Triple Tribute

Ditto The Band’s Triple Tribute of James Taylor, Neil Young and America wraps around the vocal talents of acoustic guitarist Gary Santarella, who possesses the startling ability to simulate the sound and inflections of the original artists’ voices. (Thus the name “Ditto”) And with their experienced backgrounds, the accompanying band members were carefully selected for their ability to meet the challenging demands of accurately reproducing the music. Collectively, one or more members of Ditto have performed with James Taylor, Carly Simon, Joe Piscopo, Charles Neville, Brad Delp (of the band Boston), Fabian, Leslie Gore, Little Anthony, Del Shannon, Frankie Avalon, The Fifth Dimension, and many more.

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- James Taylor -

The iconic music of James Taylor. Described as sensitive, combining folk, pop and rock, it is deceptively difficult to reproduce and defies a singular style. The many subtleties that make up the music are paramount to its overall sound and JT’s unique smooth voice is instantly recognizable.

Your Smiling Face - (Ditto the Band)

- Neil Young -

Another unique sound was that of Neil Young. From his voice and harmonica to his guitar sound, his style also defies the proverbial “pidgeon hole”. His edgy electric guitar sound has been described as the precursor to “grundge music”.

Heart of Gold - (Ditto the Band)

- America -

The term “acoustic rock” seems an oxymoron, but that is just how the music of America is often described. The prominent use of acoustic guitars, coupled with electric guitar, bass, drums, and those unmistakable vocal harmonies gives the band it's musical identity.

Sandman - (Ditto the Band)

- Club Venues -

Our repertoire for club venues is more expansive than just the above 3 artists. We play music from the era (Beatles, Crosby Stills and Nash, BeeGees, Simon and Garfunkel, Harry Chapin, etc.) Here is our full songlist.

If I Needed Someone - (Ditto the Band)


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